Shine Om

AdvanceMusic Production Course

Advance Music Production

Duration – 4 Months 3 classes/week,2 hours/class

Fees 60,000 INR


Introduction to the Software.
Understanding the basic interfaces of the software.
Understanding the mixing rack.
Understanding the basic terms of music programing and sound.
Understanding the music theory.
How to arrange a song.
Understanding the different elements in a song.
Introduction to mixing of a song.
Mixing with stock plug-ins.
Mastering with stock plugins.
Basic sound designing using Sylenth/Nexus

Advance Arrangements of a song.
Mixing with high end plug-ins used by pros (Waves, T-racks, Soundtoys and Slate digital).
Understanding advanced level mastering with some high quality plug-ins.
Mastering with analog summing.
Programming of real instruments with Kontakt.
Insight to some high quality plug-ins.
Understanding the music business