Electronic Music Production


Duration – 2-3 months , 3 classes/week , 2 hours/class

Weekdays – Monday to Friday

Weekends- Saturday & Sunday


With the Shine Om FL Studio Music Production Course, not only will you learn how to use the software, but also how to Create your first track. If you are new to FL Studio and music production this course is a great place to start your music production journey. we will quickly show you how to start making music with one of the best DAWs on the market.

During the course we will help you understand how to build a track using modern day studio equipment.FL Studio Music Production Course is the perfect course if you are a beginner and want to learn FL and music production from the basics and understand fundamental music production techniques that will help you begin to create and develop your sound



  • Intro to sound creating tools in FL Studio
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Recording Principles & Miking Techniques
  • Construction Of A Song
  • FL Studio Full Control
  • Synthesis
  • learning to re-sample any sound. Know samplers, their uses and application
  • Advanced midi mappings
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Using the plugins in FL Studio
  • Using Additional Plug-in
  • All audio effects essential for sound designing and processing
  • Advanced automations
  • Layering sounds to make interesting sounds and fx
  • Creating custom patches and sounds
  • Audio manipulation using warping features,
  • Compression
  • Gating and compression
  • EQ techniques,
  • Full Details About Mastring