V Groove

V Groove

V Groove’s World Of Music

Music Style – Deep | Progressive House Music

He has been working in the dj profession for more than 15 years now, Playing music to make the party rock is piece of cake for him. He started off as a trainee under DJ whosane,DJ Asad and DJ A-Myth. He then worked under them at the very popular,Rhaz Rhino in juhu.He renderd his services there for a long period of time

A few years later He joined a club in in his home town(Chandigarh) called Gizeh.On his return to Mumbai He joined Audio elite and worked with the company for more than 4 and a half years.He has done private parties and played music in clubs and many a times done special performances of jugalbandies with DJ Suketu,With DJ suketu on turntables and V Groove on CDS After audio elite took over the DJ services at Karma and Liquid lounge .Here He was given charge of both the places.

He not only managed the regular music,but also private parties at the Liquid lounge.He had been with Karma for more than a year since its relaunch in February 2003.At Karma He mastered in the art of playing chillout and upbeat lounge that moves on to house and progressive as night moves on .He prefers playing deep progressive house.but when it comes to private parties and commercial parties ,He can put in a good mix of House ,commercial English and Hindi and make the party rock till wee hours of the morning.

He was one of the winners of Times Music War of the DJS 2004 Mumbai finals,Also won the battle of DJS in Navi Mumbai in 2004.He rocked the crowd with his live remixes of Bollywood songs,live rap and combination of hip-hop with bhangra music.