Dj Phillora

Dj Phillora

Dj Phillora’s World Of Music

Music Style – Electronic Dance Music

Dj Phillora is one of the leading female dj to break out of the city beautiful...with her successful career taking her all over the clubs and led to her becoming a main room resident at one of the most popular clubs aerizzona.A graduate in commerce and post graduate in MBA Phillora soon realized that her first love was not a corporate life but music

Phillora has been involved in music in some capacity throughout most of her life.Her passion for music,endless enthusiasm and her gritty determination has helped build her career and has made her one of the most established female dj and producers in the current dance music scene.As a result Phillora has gone on to wow fans in Chandigarh and indeed planning big around the country,with a reputation built on her uplifting yet driving sets which span a variety of genres and incororate elements of trance,tech,progressive and top of it is EDM.

Over The Phillora has been regular guest at many clubs and bars in Chandigarh and she is a well known face on the circuit here and she continues to be involved in new projects year after years FRom using latest equipments,to softwares,to instruments Phillora feels that a dj has to keep evolving with time to understand the taste of the ever dynamic music industry. Apart from news coverage and news buzz,one can always catch Phillora doing live Emceeing in tricity club life.

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