Pro Djing Course


both DJ level One and Two together and save over 5,000 INR compared to booking both courses separately.Start with the basics on Level One and move right through to more advance techniques on level Two.

The 1 month DJ Course level One is suitable for beginners or those with some experience who want to improve their skills.The level 1 course is spread across four weeks with five sessions per week, this gives you plenty of time between sessions to practice either at home or in our studio. Practice time in the studio is included in the course, and there is always a tutor on hand to help and advice.

DJ Course - Level 2 will give you that extra edge and confidence you need to move your DJing career out of the bedroom and into the main room.


Duration – 2 months , 5 classes/week , 1.5 hours/class

Weekdays – Monday to Friday

Weekends- Saturday & Sunday



  • Introduction to the DJ Industry
  • Introduction to Equipment
  • Connecting Equipment
  • Introduction to different Music Genres
  • BPM (Beats per Minute)
  • Tune Structure
  • Cueing Techniques(finding the first beat of the bar)
  • Mixing Points
  • Counting Beats, Bars and Phrases
  • Pitch Matching
  • Beat Matching techniques and transitions
  • Managing music collection
  • Preparation for live performance
  • How to find new music online


  • Harmonic Mixing
  • Understanding Record Box
  • Proper use of EQ in the Mix
  • EQ Skills and Tricks
  • Matching Levels In/Out of the Mix
  • Understanding Musical Phrasing
  • Deck Control
  • Stay In The Mix For Longer
  • Getting Energy into your Sets
  • Mixing different styles
  • Looping in the Mix
  • Set Structure and Sequence
  • Sequence Sets and Demos
  • Demos and Presentation
  • Getting Gigs
  • Warm-up Sets
  • Promoting Yourself