Digital DJ’ing

Digital DJ’ing

Serato or Traktor are one of the most popular software packages used by professional DJs right now. With great stability, awesome features and a stunning line of compatible hardware… Serato is an industry leader and always stands apart. Students will learn how to DJ entirely with Serato. We will cover the ins and outs of the software as well as the DJ fundamentals that related to the Serato work flow..

This course will teach you how to set up DJ equipment to the computer, navigate amount the software, organize your virtual record boxes, customize your view, work the virtual mixer, set cue points, work with EQ, looping, keylock, the SP-6 Sample Player and DJ FX, and of course, how to mix and scratch


Duration – 1 Month 3 classes/week, 2 hours/class

Weekdays – Monday to Friday

Weekends- Saturday & Sunday